Heart Surgeon Dreams

Heart surgeon, yes, this was what I wanted to become right from the start. My passion for medical sciences didn’t fade at any point in my life. The constant struggle was always present. I had to study hard day and night, miss parties and family events during the long study hours. I was ready to leave these things apart however, focusing just on my dreams.

Biology was my love. I took pre medical subjects in my college and today and now have gained admission to  one of the most reputed medical colleges in the country. I am waiting very eagerly for the day when this dream will come true. The dream of saving all the patients dying from heart diseases, to give them hope and strength to live through my education and experience.

Although, I am aware that the journey ahead is very long and tiring but with persistence and determination I will be able to achieve my goals. After four years of medical school, there is a five year surgery residency which I need to complete. But this is not the end, I have to further complete a 2-3 year fellowship in cardiac surgeries and then I will be, where I want to be.

Growing up in a family where education is not valued much, makes this whole journey a bit more complex and daunting. But as it is said, everything is possible in this impossible world. So, I am ready to face all the odds with my passion for becoming a cardiac surgeon!

It is said that believe you can and you are half way there. And I have started believing since then. This belief is my motivation to work hard at all times and succeed. It is very exciting for me to visit the hospital and go to the cardiac section, where I imagine myself at some day of my life. Every time I visit these hospitals, the courage to beat the diseases and achieve my goals gets higher and higher.

As for an advice to others, I just want to say that it takes time to grow up and become who you really are. Stop believing in others, identify your own strengths. After identification, possess a will power to achieve them. By doing so, you will reach the heights of success in each and every stage of life.