Life is Not Easy

Life is not as easy as it looks. Well for some it might be, if you are a Kardashian…but this is not my case. I was born a cardiac patient, with a hole in the hear. Yes, it was difficult to accept that  and face it at the same time. Appalling it was, to see kids of my age playing energetically and enjoying life. But I was the one, who sat lonely during the breaks at school, staring at the kids playing their favorite games. This somehow hurts me up till now. But no, I got over this all. I made the determination to stay strong and face all these odds. These were the odds that were heavily pushing me from doing anything positive in life. People used to make fun of me as I couldn’t play any activity. I became exhausted due to my cardiac disorder and my breathing would become irregular while my heart rate increased dangerously.

I didn’t want to face this dejected situation throughout my life. I wanted to amaze the world with my strong will power and enthusiasm to grow strong and powerful. From the very start, realizing my own pains I dreamed to become a cardiac surgeon one day and help all the hearts in pain anywhere in the world. I wanted not only my hole but the entire holes of all cardiac patients to be filled with joy and happiness. Dreams are dreams, but hard work and strong motivation makes them come true. I started working hard from the school, took biology and started excelling in it. Afterwards, in college I also chose pre medical subjects. Grades that came were the right reflection of my persistence. So never underestimate the power of persistence. It acts as the precise tool to achieve success in each and every stage of life.

After college, I prepared very hard for my admission test to medical school. The time before my result came, was full of confusion and fright. Confusion was there because it was fickle whether I would get admission or not as thousands of students had applied for the same school. And fright because not achieving this goal was like an end to my life. But I got successful and was admitted to the top ranking medical school in my country. Now after completing my four years of medical school, I am ready for a five year residency following a specialization in cardiology. I know it’s a long way to go but there are no short cuts to be on the top.