Heart Passion

The life of a doctor has its own charm and commitment. I am really fascinated by both these aspects. It gives me the motivation to step ahead and achieve my career goal of becoming a cardiac surgeon. I want to be a cardiologist because doing something that you love is like a dream to me! People might think working on hearts is weird but to each their own. I have a class mate who’s dad was so fascinated with trees that he just started up his own successful tree service company that’s helping her pay for med school! Ya, I’m definitely not a tree hugger but I truly respect when people just follow their dreams and don’t care what others think! Cardiology is not just a profession, it’s actually passion for me. And passion has no limits. So I put in all my efforts to achieving this passion!

Mended Heart In Hands

Cardiologists deal with the patients under critical care. They act as true life savers to them and strive to improve their quality of life. Entrusted with the lives of his patients, a true cardiologist has faith in professionalism, ethics and humanism. They also stay abreast to all the latest technology. All their efforts are related to saving their patients.

It’s not easy to become a cardiologist. The preparation comprised of sleepless nights and long study hours with no breaks. I had to get a good grade in each of the subjects. Because the highest graders only got the option to get enrolled in medicine and the competition gets tighter as the level increases to specialization.

So a high degree of resolve and courage is required to achieve this difficult goal. But with determination and the utmost efforts, everything is possible. All roads leading to success, need to pass through hard work at some point. I believed in this saying and never gave up all my hard work. Toiling through all odds, I am going through this journey with a hope that one day, I will get what I want.

It was hard to imagine being a doctor. But when the reality of hard work and its implications dawned upon me, I was sure that my dreams are going to come true. So stop doubting yourself, work hard and make things happen. Don’t wait and think that everything will come to your doorstep. Do something to achieve something!